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Charles Spurgeon

Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892) was called to pastor the New Park Street Chapel, London, when he was only nineteen. This church became the 6,000 seat Metropolitan Tabernacle, which he pastored until his death at age 58. Through his relatively short but phenomenally productive ministry, Spurgeon pastored, directed a Pastor’s College, oversaw a Bible and tract society, organized Stockwell Orphanage, published the monthly magazine Sword and Trowel, edited a weekly sermon (among the several he preached each week), and wrote a number of books, including his well-known Treasury of David.

Charles Spurgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle

Timeline of the Life of Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892)

1834 (June 19) – Born at Kelvedon, Essex.

1850 (January 6) – Converted at Colchester.

1850 (April 4)- Admitted to Church membership at Newmarket.

1850 (May 3) – Baptized in the River Lark at Isle-ham.

1851 – Becomes Pastor of Waterbeach Baptist Chapel.

1853 – First literary effort, No. I of Water-beach Tracts published.

1853 (December) – Preaches at New Park Street Chapel, London, for the first time.

1854 (April) – Accepts Pastorate of New Park Street Chapel.

1855 (January) – First sermon in the “New Park Street Pulpit” published.

1855 (February) – First preaches at Exeter Hall.

1855 (July) – Mr. T. W. Medhurst becomes C. H. Spurgeon’s first ministerial student.

1856 (January 8) – Marries Miss Susannah Thompson.

1856 (June) – Metropolitan Tabernacle Building Committee formed.

1856 (September 20)- Twin sons Thomas and Charles born.

1856 (October 19) – Surrey Gardens Music Hall Disaster.

1856 (November 23) – Services recommenced at the Music Hall.

1857 – A second student accepted by C. H. Spurgeon and the Pastor’s College practically founded.

1857 (October 7) – Preaches to 23,654 persons at the Crystal Palace on Fast Day.

1859 (August 16) – Foundation Stone of the Metropolitan Tabernacle laid.

1861 (March 18) – Metropolitan Tabernacle opened with a great prayer meeting.

1864 (June 5) – The famous “Baptismal Regeneration” sermon preached.

1866 – Metropolitan Tabernacle Colportage Association founded.

1867 (March 24-April 21) – Sunday services, each attended by 20,000 persons, held at the Agricultural Hall, Islington, during the renovation of the Metropolitan Tabernacle.

1867 – Stockwell Orphanage (Boys’ side) founded.

1873 (October 14) – Foundation Stone of the Pastors’ College Building laid.

1875 – Mrs. Spurgeon’s Book Fund inaugurated.

1879 – Girls’ Orphanage founded.

1884 (June 18 and 19) – Jubilee Celebrations and presentation of testimonial (£4,500).

1887 (August) – First “Down-grade” paper published in “The Sword and the Trowel.”

1887 (October) – Withdrawal from the Baptist Union.

1891 (June 7) – Last sermon at the Metropolitan Tabernacle.

1891 (October 26) – Goes to Mentone for the last time.

1892 (January 31) – Passes away.

1892 (February 11) – Interred at Norwood Cemetery.