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Volume 22 (1876)


Pride Catechized and Condemned

1272 A God Ready to Pardon
1273 The Oil of Gladness
1274 For the Sick and Afflicted
1275 One Greater than the Temple
1276 Unconditional Surrender
1277 Trial by the Word
1278 Reasons for Parting with Sin
1279 Amazing Grace
1280 An Objection and an Answer
1281 “Lovest Thou Love Me?”
1282 Conversions Desired
1283 Conversions Encouraged
1284 The Sealing of the Spirit
1285 Sihon and Og, Or Mercies in Detail
1286 A Weighty Charge
1287 Strengthening Words from the Savior’s Lips
1288 Truly Eating the Flesh of Jesus
1289 The Heart Full and the Mouth Closed
1290 Godly Fear and Its Goodly Consequence
1291 The Best Burden for Young Shoulders
1292 The Soul-Winner
1293 The Unknown Ways of Love
1294 The Anchor
1295 Our Lord’s Humanity a Sweet Source of Comfort
1296 Gone, Gone Forever
1297 My God
1298 Gathering to the Center
1299 Love’s Birth and Parentage
1300 Life’s Need and Maintenance
1301 A Prince and a Savior
1302 Good Cheer for Outcasts
1303 The Believer in the Body and Out of the Body
1304 Enquire of the Lord
1305 The Secret of a Happy Life
1306 Fat Things, Full of Marrow
1307 Enoch
1308 The Recorders
1309 The Little Dogs
1310 The Blind Befriended
1311 God of the Hills and God of the Valleys
1312 Good News for Seekers
1313 A Second Word to Seekers
1314 The Mighty Arm
1315 Aeneas
1316 Why the Heavenly Robes Are White
1317 Overcome Evil with Good
1318 Increased Faith the Strength of Peace Principles
1319 The Sinner’s Savior
1320 Wherefore Should I Weep?
1321 Why May I Rejoice?
1322 Rest for the Laboring
1323 And Why Not?
1324 Unwillingness to Come to Christ
1325 Christ the End of the Law
1326 Christ the Conqueror of Satan
1327 Christ the Overcomer of the World
1328 Christ the Maker of All Things New
1329 Christ the Destroyer of Death
1330 The Great Birthday

Volume 23 (1877)

1331 The Two “Comes”

Our Urgent Need of the Holy Spirit

1333 “Rest in the Lord”
1334 Coming—Always Coming
1335 A Cheery Word in Troublous Times
1336 A Family Sermon
1337 Love’s Medicines and Miracles
1338 Work for Jesus
1339 Idols Abolished
1340 Manoah’s Wife and Her Excellent Argument
1341 Retreat Impossible
1342 Dagon’s Ups and Downs
1343 The Jewel of Peace
1344 The Student’s Prayer
1345 For Whom Is the Gospel Meant?
1346 Guile Forsaken When Guilt Is Forgiven
1347 How Is Salvation Received?
1348 The Great House and the Vessels in It
1349 Faith Purifying the Heart
1350 Enlivening and Invigorating
1351 The Divine Call for Missionaries
1352 Strong Consolation for the Lord’s Refugees
1353 Ecce Rex
1354 All Things Are Ready, Come
1355 Our Lord’s Question to the Blind Men
1356 The Heavenly Wind
1357 A Business-Like Account
1358 All the People at Work for Jesus
1359 Happiness—the Privilege and Duty of Christians
1360 The Good Samaritan
1361 The Final Perseverance of the Saints
1362 Mourning for Christ
1363 Sudden Sorrow
1364 Nevertheless, Hereafter
1365 The Trees in God’s Courts
1366 The Danger of Unconfessed Sin
1367 Strong Faith
1368 The God of Peace and Our Sanctification
1369 Proclamation of Acceptance and Vengeance
1370 Sheep Among Wolves
1371 Brave Waiting
1372 God Our Portion and His Word Our Treasure
1373 Our Last Journey
1374 “Forever with the Lord”
1375 “Now Then, Do It”
1376 The True Priesthood, Temple and Sacrifice
1377 Taking Hold of God
1378 The Righteous Father Known and Loved
1379 The Magnanimity of God
1380 Vanities and Verities
1381 A Sunday School Sermon
1382 The Touch
1383 The Cause and Cure of Weariness in Sunday School Teachers
1384 A Round of Delights
1385 Jesus Interceding for Transgressors
1386 Sins of Ignorance
1387 God’s Thoughts and Ways Far Above Ours
1388 Jesus Christ Himself
1389 A Gospel Sermon to Outsiders
1390 Brief, Silent Prayer

Volume 24 (1878)


A Golden Prayer

1392 A Catechism for the Proud
1393 Speak for Yourself—A Challenge!
1394 The Day of Salvation
1395 Family Reformation Or Jacob’s Second Visit to Bethel
1396 Reasons for Turning to the Lord
1397 The Peace of God
1398 Offended with Christ
1399 Am I My Brother’s Keeper?
1400 With the King for His Work!
1401 Jacob Worshipping on His Staff
1402 “Lead Us Not into Temptation”
1403 God’s Advocates Breaking Silence
1404 Over Against the Sepulcher
1405 A Distinction with a Difference
1406 Remember!
1407 Compassion on the Ignorant
1408 The Reason Why Many Cannot Find Peace
1409 The Shortest of the Seven Cries
1410 Believers Free from the Dominion of Sin
1411 Under Constraint
1412 Where True Prayer Is Found
1413 Underneath
1414 No Difference
1415 Great Difference
1416 The Faithful Saying
1417 “Your Salvation”
1418 The Holdfast
1419 Encouragement to Trust and Pray
1420 The Headstone of the Corner
1421 The Hiding of Moses by Faith
1422 The Chief Physician and the Centurion’s Servant
1423 A Sacred Solo
1424 A Great Bargain
1425 Concern for Other Men’s Souls
1426 The Lifting Up of the Bowed Down
1427 A Wilderness Cry
1428 The True Position of the Witness Within
1429 Faith’s Sure Foundation
1430 Refined, but Not with Silver
1431 The Message from the Lord’s Mouth
1432 Divine Interpositions
1433 An Anxious Enquiry for a Beloved Son
1434 Jesus!
1435 Adoption—The Spirit and the Cry
1436 What the Church Should Be
1437 Others to Be Gathered
1438 The Hope Laid Up in Heaven
1439 Receiving the Kingdom of God As a Little Child
1440 The Great Emancipator
1441 The Prosperous Man’s Reminder
1442 Sorrow At the Cross Turned into Joy
1443 A Clear Conscience
1444 The Moral of a Miracle
1445 Wake Up! Wake Up!
1446 The Best Beloved
1447 Three Crosses
1448 Forgiveness Made Easy
1449 A Vile Weed and a Fair Flower
1450 The Immovability of the Believer

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May the Lord bless you abundantly for your labor of love.