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Volume 13 (1867)


Good Cheer for the New Year


Cheering Words and Solemn Warnings
730 Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
731 A Word in Season
732 The Heart—A Den of Evil
733 Unstaggering Faith
734 The Dawn of Revival, Or Prayers Speedily Answered
735 Loving Advice for Anxious Seekers
736 A Happy Christian
737 God—All in All
738 Grieve Not the Holy Spirit
739 The Sin Offering
740 Stephen’s Martyrdom
741 A Troubled Prayer
742 A Sermon to Open Neglecters and Nominal Followers of Religion
743 Ephraim Bemoaning Himself
744 Jesus at Bethesda—Or, Waiting Changed for Believing
745 The Unsearchable Riches of Christ
746 The End of the Righteous Desired
747 “Make This Valley Full of Ditches”
748 Self-Humbling
749 The Righteous Holding on His Way
750 A Triumphal Entrance
751 More than Conquerors
752 The King in His Beauty
753 Nazareth—Or, Jesus Rejected by His Friends
754 The Saint and the Spirit
755 Alive or Dead—Which?
756 Work
757 In the Hay Field
758 The Glorious Gospel of the Blessed God
759 Jesus Putting Away Sin
760 The Sweet Harp of Consolation
761 The Shrill Trumpet of Admonition
762 The Relationship of Marriage
763 Songs of Deliverance
764 Our Life, Our Work, Our Change
765 Grace—The One Way of Salvation
766 Believing to See
767 The Echo
768 A Prayer for the Church Militant
769 Serving the Lord with Gladness
770 The Water of Life
771 Seeing Jesus
772 Delay Is Dangerous
773 David’s Holy Wonder At the Lord’s Goodness
774 A Sharp Knife for the Vine Branches
775 The Great Attraction
776 A Song At the Wellhead
777 Helps
778 Plain Words with the Careless
779 God’s Foreknowledge of Man’s Sin
780 The Secret Spot
781 Christus et Ego
782 Saving Knowledge
783 Sermons from Saintly Deathbeds
784 The Rose and the Lily
785 Wanted, A Guest Chamber!
786 The Great Mystery of Godliness
787 A Song, A Solace, A Sermon, and A Summons

Volume 14 (1868)


Creation’s Groans and the Saint’s Sighs

789 Lingerers Hastened
790 King’s Gardens
791 The Arrows of the Bow Broken in Zion
792 Mary Magdalene
793 Nearer and Dearer
794 Jesus and the Lambs
795 Joshua’s Vision
796 Joshua’s Obedience
797 Spots in Our Feasts of Charity
798 Special Protracted Prayer
799 Jesus, the Example of Holy Praise
800 The Centurion’s Faith and Humility
801 The Woman Who Was a Sinner
802 Good Earnests of Great Success
803 Israel’s God and God’s Israel
804 Apostolic Exhortation
805 Resurrection with Christ
806 A Young Man’s Vision
807 Good News for Loyal Subjects
808 Bringing the King Back
809 The Approachableness of Jesus
810 The Faithfulness of Jesus
811 Unto You, Young Men
812 The Deep-Seated Character of Sin
813 The Privileged Man
814 Life by Faith
815 Daniel’s Undaunted Courage
816 The Wall Daubed with Untempered Mortar
817 The Widow of Sarepta
818 The Pleiades and Orion
819 The Minstrelsy of Hope
820 Working Out What Is Worked In
821 Hope in Hopeless Cases
822 The Panting Deer
823 Noah’s Flood
824 The Heaven of Heaven
825 The Sieve
826 Christ, the Glory of His People
827 The Faculty Baffled, the Great Physician Successful
828 Dying Daily
829 The Perfuming of the Heart
830 Gray Hairs
831 The Altar
832 The Best Cloak
833 The Lord’s Name and Memorial
834 The Universal Remedy
835 A Cheerful Giver Is Beloved of God
836 Sown Light
837 “All These Things”—A Sermon with Three Texts
838 Sins of Omission
839 The Head of the Church
840 Do Not Sin Against the Child
841 Crowding to Touch the Savior
842 The Angelic Life
843 Effectual Calling—Illustrated by the Call of Abram
844 Justification by Faith—Illustrated by Abram’s Righteousness
845 Consecration to God—Illustrated by Abram’s Circumcision
846 Good Cheer for Christmas
847 Joyful Transformations

Volume 15 (1869)


Jesus Christ Is Immutable

849 Unsound Spiritual Trading
850 Soul-Winning
851 Nearness to God
852 Constancy and Inconstancy—A Contrast
853 A Sermon for the Most Miserable of Men
854 Fire—The Need of the Times
855 Everyday Usefulness
856 The Importunate Widow
857 Timely Reflections
858 The Fullness of Jesus the Treasury of Saints
859 The Old Way of the Wicked
860 Mourning at the Sight of the Crucified
861 Broken Bones
862 Winnowing Time
863 The Stone Rolled Away
864 Life’s Ever-Springing Well
865 Deep Calls Unto Deep
866 Rest
867 Tearful Sowing and Joyful Reaping
868 Mature Faith—Illustrated by Abraham’s Offering Isaac
869 The Gospel of Abraham’s Sacrifice of Isaac
870 Things Present
871 To Those Who Are “Almost Persuaded”
872 The Perseverance of the Saints
873 Christ Made a Curse for Us
874 The Overflowing Cup
875 “Things to Come”
876 The Unwearied Runner
877 Leaning on Our Beloved
878 A Well-Ordered Life
879 An Assuredly Good Thing
880 The Former and the Latter Rain
881 The Believer a New Creature
882 The Old Man Crucified
883 Multitudinous Thoughts and Sacred Comforts
884 Help for Seekers of the Light
885 Serving the Lord
886 A Safe Prospective
887 A Door Opened in Heaven
888 The Silken Fetter
889 Real Grace for Real Need
890 The Bellows Burned
891 The Vital Force
892 A Serious Reprimand
893 Strong Consolation
894 Christ with the Keys of Death and Hell
895 A Summons to Battle
896 The Coming Resurrection
897 The First Cry from the Cross
898 A Word with Those Who Wait for Signs and Wonders
899 The Unrivalled Friend
900 Preach, Preach, Preach Everywhere!
901 The Upper Hand
902 Safe Shelter
903 The Way Everlasting
904 The Eye—A Similitude
905 Footsteps of Mercy
906 The Soul’s Crisis
907 Christ—The Fall and Rise of Many

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